John J. Meza

Business Developer & Entrepreneur

Business Developer, Social Entrepreneur and Consultor at high impact innovation for Small Businesses, StartUps and Nonprofts in Ecuador, Colombia and México.

With experience at emergent tech and scalability. Social Sustainability. User Research. Design and User Experience. Marketing based on Data. Finance for StartUps. Web Content and copywriting. 

Formed at UCE (Ecuador), UC Berkeley (Silicon Valley) and student at YCombinator.

What is a Business Developer?

We make the scalability of projects possible.

A Business developer is in charge of re-structure, plan results and drive to success the inside and outside management of a StartUp or Small Business.

From business model development to use tech for process automation and gain customers cheaper and faster.

  • User Research
  • Design and User Experience
  • Finance
  • Tech Development
  • Strategy and Communication
  • Outbound Marketing


And of course High Impact entrepreneurship.

Which are the problems I and can help you with?

How can I help you to be more efficient?

User Research

I use agile methodologies to improve inside processes or build a better product for an organization.

Design and User Experience

Create interfaces and prototypes without any coding skills for rapid testing and user emotion measurement driven to build interactivity.


Strategy implementation to improve the financial health of companies or individuals.

User Research

Design and User Experience.


Tech DevOps

Once user experience of prototypes is tested, it is time to build the and deploy the product.

Using Gitlab or Github is possible to hire the best local or remote coders and coordinate the work using scrum. With this, the production cost could get low as a third of its conventional price.

Outbound Marketing

The Human interaction on social network and search engines depends entirely by the culture and behavior of the customer segment.

It is imperative to evaluate the performance of the campaigns and build design patrons to increase sales and optimize the marketing budget.

Entrepreneurship and Scalability

All organizations must measure results while they are gaining tracking, that is why is important to use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

These will allow directors understand very fast the reasons of stagnancy, and so and forth take decisions for scale the organization and sustainable growth.

Tech DevOps

Outbound Marketing

Entrepreneurship and Scalability

Business Administration

Quito - Ecuador

High Impact Entrepreneurship

Silicon Valley - USA

Where did I prepare


Experience and Personal Portfolio

Projects that I have founded or directed

Personal Blog

What I think and write?

Personal Blog

What I think and write?

¿Would you like to have mentoring sessions?

Depending on the case, you can pay your mentorship by exchanging your product or service, so you don't have to worry about how am I going to pay for the sessions.

If you are a Nonproft Organization, the mentoring sessions are pro-bono, that means, completely free!!